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Our History

1975: Beginnings 

Demars Financial Group started almost 50 years ago by Ted Demars, who I will refer to as Dad.  Dad started in the life insurance business.  As a father of then 4 children that grew to 11 the life insurance business provided an opportunity to help people and supplement his income.  Clients continued to ask questions beyond that of life insurance in other areas including investment, tax, and estate planning.  As such, his business included investments. 

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1997: A New Wave

In 1997, I (David) joined dad in his business and together we added more investments.  Now after more than 20 years of working together, Dad spends more with Mom and together they enjoy their 62 grandchildren and growing great grandchildren.  The company is considered a Wealth Management firm in that we provide comprehensive advice and tools to help individuals and families grow and protect their wealth.  At the core of what we provide is YOU.  Meaning that your needs and goals are the primary objective.  As a firm we are passionate about helping you not just today but for years into the future.

Our Philosophy