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Let us be your CFO -- it's what we do.

When we think of the most powerful and important organizations in the world - It's plausible that your mind will go to companies like Google, Facebook, Government, Microsoft or an oil company or two. Demars Financial thinks of families and small businesses. They are who actually run our society and economy. And like any other organization that influences our lives, they too need a CFO (Chief Financial Officer).

"Demars Financial thinks of families and small businesses. They are who actually run our society and economy....they too need a CFO."

You go about living your daily life, directing the affairs of your children and making decisions that shape individuals. If you own a small business, you are putting food on the table for the families of your employees, you are the unquestionably drive behind our nation's economy and you are experts at what "you" do. Here is what we do. Financial Planning. It's our life-blood, it's our passion and it's our "small business" and what puts food on the table for our families and employees.

We don't give our kids stitches, we don't teach out kids' high school history classes, we don't fill their cavities or drive their school bus. We appreciate the talents, abilities, schooling and expertise others possess who help our families do the things we don't do.

For the small businesses out there, we love you. You know why? Because we don't know how to run an optometry practice, or a roofing company, or a day care, or a gas station...or a -- fill in the blank. We do Financial Planning. That's what we know how to do and we are so grateful for the other expertise of small business owners.

So let us be part of your family or small business. Let us be your CFO - it's what we do.

In this video, David explains what new clients can expect from our team the moment we reach out to set up an appointment.

We create custom solutions for each client with our professional framework

*All videos were created by an independent third party. Demars Financial Group LLC, is not held liable for the content found in any video, does not offer tax advice or insurance planning. Insurance products are offered through Ted Demars and David Demars as independent agents.

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