We've searched the internet and tested many financial calculators.  We believe the following are the best financial calculators, easy to use and helpful. 


Financial Calculators


Loan & Real Estate Calculators


Annual Percentage Rate (APR)

Discounted Cash Flow Calculator

Simple Savings Calculator

Retirement Savings Calculator

Pay Down Debt or Invest Calculator

Life Insurance Calculator

Credit Card Payoff Time Frame

Estate Tax Liability Calculator



Simple Loan Calculator

Loan Comparison Calculator

Mortgage Payment Calculator

Buyer's Cash Requirements Calculator

Amortization (Loan Spread) Calculator

Refinancing Calculator

Home Seller's Proceeds

Rent Or Buy Calculator


*These are independent, third party calculators. Demars Financial Group LLC is not held responsible for the accuracy of the results.



*All videos were created by an independent third party.  Demars Financial Group LLC, is not held liable for the content found in any video, does not offer tax advice or insurance planning.  Insurance products are offered through Ted Demars and David Demars as independent agents.

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