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Welcome to 2018 

January- A Quarter's Worth

February- Market Volatility




January- Welcome to 2017

January- Q4: January 2017, A Quarter's Worth

A Quarter's Worth: A Year of Changes- David Demars and Peter Bock Video

February- Planning Your Retirement

March- How to Reduce your 2016 Taxes, and Plan for 2017

April- Q1: April 2017: A Quarter's Worth

A Quarter's Worth Spring 2017

May- Three Retirement Opportunities to Consider

June- Is Your Investment Strategy on Track?

July- A Quarter's Worth: Summer 2017

August- Financial Responsibility- It's Never too Early

September- Interest Rates: Still low but on the Rise

October- Q3: A Quarter's Worth

November- Year-end Tax Moves for 2017

December- Time to Revisit Your Income Oriented Investments





January-Welcome To 2016

January-Q4 2015 A Quarters Worth

February-How To Reduce Your 2015 Income Taxes And Plan For 2016


April-Q1 2016 A Quarters Worth

May-The Four Phases of Retirement

June-Is Your Estate Plan Arranged?

July-Q2 2016 A Quarter's Worth

August-Portfolio Rebalancing In Today's Market

September-Tax Strategies And Important Tax Birthdays

September-Money Market Funds

October- Q3 2016 A Quarter's Worth

October- Q3 2016 Market Interview- A Quarter's Worth Video

November- Year End Tax Moves for 2016




January- Welcome to 2015

February- Q4 Economic Updates

March- Reduce Your 2014 Taxes, Even if it is already 2015

April- Q1 2015 A Quarter's Worth


June- Retirement Accounts are Different

July- Q2 2015 A Quarter's Worth

August- Time to Revisit Rates

September- Q3 A Quarter's Worth


November- Year End Tax Moves

December- Year End Wrap


*All videos were created by an independent third party.  Demars Financial Group LLC, is not held liable for the content found in any video, does not offer tax advice or insurance planning.  Insurance products are offered through Ted Demars and David Demars as independent agents.

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